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Let the dreaming heart soar...

was yea erra rre sol ciel hyma hynne mea

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Beware! Crazy Fangirl inside!

Hi! I am NeverMineToHold!

I'm a big fan of Manga and Anime, as well as Slash/Shonen Ai - and fanfiction, of course! I write some original stuff, too, but that's only in German, I fear.

So... what type of person am I? Here's some random stuff which should give you a clue: I hate to think of "good" and "evil" in absolute terms - I appreciate and believe in the grey shades in between. I like to think about moral dilemmas - but in the end, I'm never able to find a solution. I like to listen to my favourite music - because I can feel it bubbling in my veins. I am shy around new people - but can chatter away happily with the guys I'm comfortable with. Sometimes, I fear my own shadow - but anyone should have some screws loose... right?

Well - more importantly: What kind of WRITER am I, since I intent to post my stuff here? I am a slowpoke, it's as easy as that (at least I'm honest about it ^-^). My muse is unpredictable at best and likes to hop from one fandom to the other (and back again) and tends to be obsessive/productive. Weird enough, I get my best ideas while gardening or having the hair full of shampoo *facepalm* So now I carry a notebook everywhere I go, just in case.

My latest obsession is everything Sherlock Holmes! Granada, ACD, Sherlock BBC, the movies - you name it! Plus Marvels The Avengers! Loki/Clint! And The Walking Dead - Rick/Daryl *flails*

Well, that's it for now! *waves goodbye*

About friending: I have nothing against pleasant surprises, but it would be great if you had commented or PM'ed me before you click the button ^-^